Spring Couplings


Gear, Pump & Hydrostatic Drives / Powershift / Powertrain



Although not all applications require torsional compliance, Torsion Control Products' engineers will evaluate your application and determine if a spring coupling would provide an advantage over a conventional drive plate.

TCP has engineered and developed a comprehensive line of Spring Couplings used in a wide variety of powertrain applications. These devices offer the following advantages in most applications:

  • Torsional vibration isolation
  • Resonance isolation
  • Overload and shock load protection
  • Noise attenuation
  • Improved bearing / gear life
  • Increased system durability

Advantages of using Torsion Control Products' Spring Couplings:

  • All steel construction for long life
  • Lubricated and non-lubricated environments
  • Low rate / long life couplings
  • Temperature extremes do not affect performance or durability
  • Performance can be optimized for a given application
  • Multistage stiffness for optimized system tuning
  • Controlled coulomb damping
  • Drop-in replacement for original drive plates, no spaces required
  • Integral shaft support capability eliminates the need for additional bearing support
Our Couplings Are Designed for Off-Highway Applications.

Where dependability and performance are a requirement, Torsion Control Products' Spring Couplings are designed to meet your needs.

Typical Ratings: 20 to 20,000 lb-ft (27 to 27,000 N-m)

Typical Environment: Dry, Lubricated, Hot or Cold.

Performance: Consistent throughout the life of the product.

Long Life: Torsion Control Products couplings are designed to produce long life in any environment.

Proven Durability: In the roughest applications steel couplings continue to operate, continue to address driveline torsionals.

Tuning Capability: Torsion Control Products Spring Couplings are tuned for specific applications. Our engineers will perform a mass-elastic evaluation on your application and provide the performance that will serve you best.